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Chongqing chongqing min law firm approved by the department of justice of the People's Republic of China,Founded by the chongqing municipal judicial bureau practice license certificate,Is established jointly by a number of senior professional lawyers comprehensive partnership law firm。Chongqing min by chongqing municipality directly under the central government,Under the basic principle of governing the country according to law,The radiation service areas in southwest China to various provinces and cities across the country。

I have service scope includes company enterprise legal adviser、Legal knowledge training、Financial related legal services、Construction engineering and real estate、Civil personal action、Criminal defense and so on。Now with a number of large enterprises and government agencies set up long-term legal adviser cooperation relationship,In order to solve the predicament of a large number of investment companies investors and management problems,Get the customer agreed。At the same time of my own to strengthen theoretical study, carry out civil and commercial cases the skills in handling the case summary,Always adhere to the people-oriented、The idea of working in accordance with the law,Adhere to strive for the legitimate rights and interests for the parties concerned。In addition,I have as a professional law firm,Know the importance of national the franco-prussian,So....

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Chongqing chongqing min transaction gold medal lawyer"Rowling"A lawyer,Years of work experience in the public security organ and the experience of criminal cases.Of people,Cheating is chongqing chongqing min lawyers by the same philosophy and commitment,Make every effort to maximize legitimate rights and interests for the parties concerned。....

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Chongqing min strives to maximize legitimate rights and interests for the company...

Divorce proceedings

Chongqing min law firm to deal with a variety of marriage and family cases...

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Chongqing min law firm is good at deal with corruption and other kinds of major...

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